The Matt Skinner Band is a 4-piece alt-country/ roots-rock band headquartered in the Northern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in the city of Fort Collins, Colorado.  Lead by veteran singer-songwriter Matt Skinner, the group brings its ferocious, high energy brand of original, rock-infused country music to the stage night after night after night.

Photo by Bare Bones Photography

Photo by Bare Bones Photography

“That smooth, powerful tenor drawl that evokes the best of both Kings: country legend George Strait and rockabilly legend Elvis.”         -TEXAS MUSIC MAGAZINE 

Skinner’s lyrics capture the raw human spirit and come to life as the band deftly weaves a colorful tapestry of songs and stories of love and danger with a passion born of living and tempered with an infectious groove.  The detail and imagery of each song is magnified by the intense electricity of the band as Skinner’s powerful, road-worn tenor voice commands the stage with a presence that is spellbinding in its organic honesty and mercurial resonance. Each performance is a thrilling, emotional carnival ride filled with love, laughter, pain and heartbreak.

"2014 Fan Poll Favorite" - THE COLORADO SOUND

The Matt Skinner Band features Matt Skinner on electric guitar and vocals, multi-instrumentalist Darren Radach on Drums and Mandolin, Ben O’Connor on bass, and the great Ansel Foxley on electric dobro.

"2014 Hardest Working Band" - FOCOMX PEER AWARDS

The Matt Skinner Band discography:   Four Winds (2001), The Nighthawk Affair (2007) and Live at StoneCringe: Vol I (2009), EP Native Stranger:  Part 1 - Fandango (2013) and Native Stranger: Part 2 - Road to Topolobampo (in production).